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Family and Parenting Ideas for Women!

Literacy Ideas Series: Ideas to help your children develop good reading skills:

Reading is too important of a skill to leave it to chance and hope for the best - learn how you can help your child or children become the best readers they can:

Help your child become a good reader - and enjoy reading!

How to read to your child

Help develop your child's pre-reading skills

Ideas for books that offer interactive features and engage other senses

Help your child learn the alphabet

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Recent Blog Posts:

Recent Comments:

Safety Ideas Series: Ideas for family and home safety:

Don't take any chances - keep your family safe!

Bicycle Safety Ideas for you and your Family

Ideas to keep you safe in the sun

Child Car Seats

Two articles about child car seats: An Introduction to Child Car Seats and Child Car Seat Buying Guide!

House and Home Ideas:

Home Air Purifiers

Confused about what kind of air purifier to buy for your home? I don't claim to have the answers, but I do have an article that explains some of the major types of air purifiers and the technology they use in: Home Air Cleaner and Purifier Information and Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers.

Rug Decorating Guide! All types of rugs and what to look for when considering a purchase!

The following are a mini-series of articles about rugs to decorate your house with:
natural fiber rugs - such as sisal, seagrass and jute,
bear, zebra and other real animal skin rugs, rugs for specials needs and special rooms.

Articles about rugs made in special styles or from special materials include:
seagrass, jute, braided, flokati, oriental, persian and kilim rugs.

Other Home and Family Articles!

Re-define what 'Clean' means for You and Your Home

Exercise, Relax, Have Fun and do something for the Environment at the same time! - Yes - it is possible!

A Guide to America's Most Common Home Styles

Five Easy Steps For Arranging your Living Room Furniture

Intimacy in a Postpartum World

Valentines and Values

Sibling Rivalry

New Mamas - A Guide to Getting Out of the House

Teach Your Child the Charity Habit

Today's Family Man: The Laugh Track

Explaining World Tragedy to Children

Today's Family Man: 'Talking to Your Children About Disasters'

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