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Kilim Rugs

The word 'kilim' refers to a specific weaving technique. Kilim rugs, sometimes called kelim rugs are made with what is called a flat weave rug and is pileless. Pile rugs have individually knotted strands, which are cut to form an even surface. In pileless rugs the design pattern is made by interweaving strands of cloth of different colors. Different types of kilim rugs include 'cicim', 'zili' and 'sumak'.

Kilims are made by people living in Turkey, Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India and Morocco, according to the style of the village or group they are from.

Kilims from Turkey, or Anatolia, tend to favor orange and turquoise shades. Ones from Iran have more burgandy, blue and green. Kurdish rugs tend to be brighter.

In some cultures kilims were a part of a womans dowry when she got married.

In the past kilims were used as rugs as well as for door and window coverings, and wall hangings. There are made in many different colors and designs and sizes. They tend to be made from wool, cotton or silk.

Kilim rugs are a magnificent piece of art, as well as a being a floor covering. With so many different styles, colors and sizes available - there should be one out there to meet anyone's tastes and needs!


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