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Ionic Breeze Air Purifier Information

The Ionic Breeze is a type of electrostatic purifier. It uses electrostatically charged plates to get particles to stick to it.

Some of the advantages of an Ionic Breeze purifier compared to some others is that it is quieter - since it doesn't use a fan, doesn't use a lot of energy, looks nicer to have in your house and doesn't use filters that have to be periodically replaced (which costs more money).

Instead of a fan it uses a what the company calls 'Zenion Effect Technology' - which moves air like a real fan but instead uses electrostatic forces and but doesn't make any noise. The lack of noise also makes it more bearable for people to leave the purifier running alll the time.

Ionic Breeze cleaners are tower shaped and within the tower is are stainless steel collection blades. They can be slid out of the top and cleaned with a damp cloth. This way no disposable filters have to keep being bought, used and thrown away. This saves money and decreases environmental waste.

There are four different models of Ionic Breeze purifiers to choose from:

1) Quadra Compact - made for small rooms (~$249.95)

2) Quadra - for larger rooms (~$349.95)

3) Professional Quadra (~$449.95)

4) Professional GP - this one also has an UV (Ultraviolet) lamp to kill microorganisms (~$549.95)

The prices listed behind each of them were prices I found listed for them in a Sharper Image catalog at the time I am writing this. They could be higher or lower at any time.

More detail about each:

Quadra Compact - This one is 19 inches tall with a base that is inches in diameter. It weighs 4.25 pounds. It is suitable for a smaller room of around 375 square feet. It has three cleaning speeds and only uses around six watts of power to run, even on the highest setting. Extra blades can be bought separately. Needs a three prong outlet. Warranty is for five years. Comes in grey or black.

Quadra - This one is 26.5 inches tall, with a footprint of only an 8 inch diameter still. It weighs 5.5 pounds and can be used in rooms up to 500 square feet. It also has three speeds and uses only 10 watts of power. Like the compact version, it uses a three prong outlet, has a five year warranty, comes in grey or black and extra blades can be bought separately.

Professional Series Quadra - This one is a bit taller at 27 inches with a 9 inch diameter base. It can be used in rooms larger than 500 square feet. It weighs nine pounds and also has three different speeds. Uses 12 watts of power, a three prong outlet and has a six foot cord. Like the other two, it has a five year warranty, comes in light grey or black, and you can buy extra blades. This one is different from the other two in that its collection blades also have two interior blades to improve its performance. The grills are also removable and washable.

Professional Series GP - The big difference with this one is that it has a built in UV (Ultraviolet) lamp to kill microorganisms, including bacteria, mold spores and viruses. The UV lamp will run for about year before it needs to be replaced. It weighs eleven pounds, is 29 inches tall and has a base of 11 inches by 7.5 inches. Uses 40 watts of power. Can be ran with or without the UV light.

A small desktop version with a UV light is also available.

The Ionic Breeze has been critisized by some testing groups saying that it didn't really remove that many particles from the air. On the other hand, other groups, such as the British Allergy Foundation have given it their seal of approval.

At any rate, this article was written to provide information and is not an endorsement of any particular air purifier or another. It is also not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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