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Family and Parenting

Recent blog discussions: Family and Parenting Blog


Ideas for Literacy Series:

Help your child become a good reader - and enjoy reading!
How to read to your child
Help develop your child's pre-reading skills
Ideas for books that offer interactive features and engage other senses
Help your child learn the alphabet


Home and Family Safety Series:

Bicycle Safety for you and your Family! - Learn how you can make bicycling safer for you and your family.

Ideas to keep you safe in the sun! (And still have fun!)

Change and Courage

Recent blog discussions: Change and Courage Blog

Featured Articles:

Women Helping Women:

Obstetric fistula - what it is and how you can learn more.

Non-profit Spotlights:

Global Connections for Women Foundation

Women's Health

What is the face of noma?
Obstetric Fistula the Tragedy of a Nightmare Within a Nightmare
What have you done in the past 30 minutes?

Women that had the courage to change the lives of all women:

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Margaret Sanger, Betty Friedan

Health and Fitness

Recent blog discussions: Health and Fitness


Allergies: An Introduction

Contacts and Vision Guide!

Contacts - An Introduction Part I: Eyes and Vision, Contacts - An Introduction Part II: Contact Types and History, Soft Contacts - Daily Wear and Disposable, Rigid gas permeable (RGP) Contacts, Daily Wear Contacts and Extended Wear Contacts

Home Fitness Guide!

What is cardiovascular exercise?
Why Use Heart Rate Monitors for Exercising?
All About Treadmills for Exercising at Home: Choosing a Treadmill, Treadmill Buying Guide and Compare Treadmills.

Career and Growth

Recent blog discussions: Career and Growth Blog


Can't You See I'm Working? - finding a balance between a home office and family.

Expect Success to Stay Self-Motivated and Get Great Results - You will never be more successful than you expect you can be.

Managing the Time You Haven't Got

10 Tips for Improving Your Career - for long term change!

How to be Assertively Feminine

Expect Success to Stay Self-Motivated and Get Great Results

Money and Finance

Recent blog discussions: Money and Investing Blog

Many women are not prepared for retirement or for their other financial needs. Health and life insurance are two of those money issues that women need to learn more about:
Three articles about disability insurance:

Part 1: Disability Insurance - What is it and Why in the World Should Any Woman Care?
Part 2: Disability Insurance Glossary
Part 3: How and Where to Buy Disability Insurance

Women and Life Insurance - a short introduction

Who, What, Why, Where, When and How of Retirement!, Smart retirement ideas for women of all ages! and General Guide for Social Security benefits
Health Insurance Guide for women: group health insurance,
COBRA health insurance,
temporary or short term health insurance

Also see: Beating the High Cost of Prescription Medications!

Travel and Leisure

Need a vacation that is both a romantic getaway and a fun place for kids too?

Try the U.S. Virgin Islands! St. Thomas has great beaches as well as Coral World - which is fun for both adults and kids!

St. John has the beautiful Trunk Bay Beach and a large National Park great for hiking and other activities!

Need a place to stay at St. Thomas? Read my review of Bolongo Bay Beach Resort!

What could be more romantic than a vacation to Hawaii!

Hawaiian Vacations (introduction)
Island of Kauai
Island of Oahu
Island of Maui

Butterfly and Wildlife Gardening Exercise, Relax, Have Fun and do something for the Environment at the same time! - Yes - it is possible!

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