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Seagrass Rugs

Rugs made from natural fibers are becoming more popular now, and seagrass rugs are especially gaining in popularity.

Seagrass is a type of flowering plant that grows underwater in the sea. Since it is a plant it photosynthesizes and so cannot live in really deep water where sunlight won't reach it. It usually grows in sandy or silty soils, although some species of seagrass can actually grow right on top of rocks! Seagrass tends to grow in large groups, resembling fields of wheat or grass, which is how it got its name of seagrass.

It is believed that seagrass evolved after land plants - having adapted back to living under water. The flowers of seagrass even grow underwater and are pollinated there too! (Except one species of seagrass from the Pacific, whose flowers get pollinated right at the water's suface. )

Many people mistakenly believe that seagrass is the same thing as seaweed. It isn't. Seaweed is an algae, not a plant. Being a plant, seagrass has flowers, seeds and fruit and makes oxygen - seaweed doesn't.

There are 2.7 millions acres of seagrass growing off the coast of Florida. This seagrass prairie helps keep the water clear, slows down erosion of the coastal waters of Florida, provides habitat and food for fish and other animals, and protection from predators. Seagrass is very important for the health of marine ecosystems.

Seagrass has also been used by people since antiquity and especially used in making rugs and mats. Seagrass Rugs are getting more popular by the day as an alternative to typical carpets and rugs. Rugs made from seagrass can be woven into different patterns such as natural, basketweave and arrowhead. Many times seagrass rugs are left in its natural color. Good ones will have a strong backing on it. It makes a very durable rug. Sometimes they have a natural scent to them, but it fades away after a while.

Other uses for seagrass include:
Stuffing pillows and mattresses
Packing material
Thatch for roofs (it rots very slowly and is flea proof!)
Sound proofing
Erosion control

A seagrass rug is a very good choice for those wanting a rug made from a natural fiber. It is very durable and inexpensive.


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