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Exotic Animal Rugs - Real Bear Skin, Zebra Print and more!

Many people like rugs in their house which are made of animal skin or with an animal print. It is a very exotic, outdoors like look. It can also be very sexy! Bear skin rugs look especially at home in front of a fireplace.

Real Bear Skin Rugs
Rugs can be made from the skin of many different types of bear. These include Black bears, Brown bears, Kodiak, Polar and Grizzly bears. Many are huge - even greater than 6 foot in length! Quality ones also have thick padding. Other things to look at when considering buying a real bear skin rug are that it was professionally skinned and tanned and that it still has its real claws. The price of a real bear skin rug can be anywhere from $500 to $1700 and more!

Black bears change colors in what is called color phases. They aren't always really black, many are actually chocolate, brown, cinnamon and blond. Blond is the most rare and more expensive.

Real Zebra Skin Rugs
When looking for a zebra skin rug to purchase you should make sure that it was not made from a species that is endangered or illegal to sell in the US. For example, the Burchell's Zebra whose scientific name is Equus Burchelli and is from Africa is not endangered, or illegal in the US as long as the company importing it has the appropriate license to do so. The importing Burchell's Zebra skin is regulated by the relavant African government. Some African governments even have controlled thinnings of the herds of zebra.

Another thing you should look at for is that some places also grade their Zebra skin for quality. Many Zebras have been previously attacked by predators and have scars from this. Ones with scars or blemishes will cost less than the other ones. A quality Zebra skin rug may cost you between $500 and $1700 or more, depending upon the quality. Better ones with also have a heavy felt back to protect it and make it look nicer. Bigger ones will also cost more, some are as big as five by eight feet.

Lion Skin Rugs
Lion skin rugs are also available. Wild lions are not killed, instead lions from zoos or other conservation areas are used. Many of them died from natural causes. Also, sometimes the sales of lion skins is used to help find lion conservation efforts. They are more expensive - usually more than $5000 than bear or zebra skins and are very large - many 8 or 9 feet long!

Coyote and Fox skins
Coyote and fox skins are also available from many places. Of course, they are not as big as bears, zebras or lions though! The price can run from $150 to over $1000.

Fake animal skin rugs
Fake animal skins and fur are also available. Including bears, zebras, leopards, tigers, jaguars and cheetahs. These are generally cheaper than real furs and many are made like animals who are endangered, so real ones aren't available. Some are actually made from cows, others are made from completely man-made materials.

Rug Resources
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