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Allergies: An Introduction

Contacts - Most Anything You Would Want To Know About Them For You And Your Family!

I've worn contacts since I was in the 7th grade - that doesn't make me an expert on them - but I've researched lots of information about them and wrote up a small mini series of articles about contacts. There are around 17 million women wearing contacts in the US - and many more teens wanting them every day - this guide should help moms with making decisions about their kids vision also:

Contacts - An Introduction Part I: Eyes and Vision,
Contacts - An Introduction Part II: Contact Types and History,
Soft Contacts - Daily Wear and Disposable,
Rigid gas permeable (RGP) Contacts,
Daily Wear Contacts,
Extended Wear Contacts and Orthokeratology.

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Home Fitness Guide!

A super-series of articles about home fitness!

Cardiovascular Exercise:

What is cardiovascular exercise?
Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise
Types of Cardiovascular Exercise
Cardiovascular Exercises without Equipment
and more!

Heart Rate Monitors:

Heart Rate Monitors for Exercise
How to Choose a Heart Rate Monitor
Polar Heart Rate Monitors
and more!


All About Treadmills
Choosing a Treadmill
Treadmill Buying Guide
Compare Treadmills
and more!

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Weight Loss and Dieting Articles:

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Food Basics 101: Your Diet Makeover

Obesity and Weight Loss - the science of obesity and weight loss.

Dumping Weight Loss

The Top Five Online Weight-Loss Programs - Which online weight-loss program is for you? Take your pick...

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