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Natural Fiber Rugs

Rugs made from natural fibers are very nice to decorate your house with - they can give your house a nice, warm look and feel. There are many types of natural fibers used to make rugs. These include Sisal, wool Sisal, seagrass, hemp, bamboo, Twine, Reed, Wool, Coir, jute and Conifer.

Sisal Rugs
Sisal is made from the plant Agave sisalana, of the Agavaceae family. Agave sisalana is a perennial that grows in hot, humid climates such as Brazil, Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, the Philippines, Costa Rica and Haiti. By the time the leaves of the plant are 4 feet long, they are ready to be used Fibers from this plant are coarse and hard and are frequently used to make twine and rope. Sometimes sisal is called sisal hemp, but it is not really the same as hemp.

Seagrass Rugs
Seagrass is very durable and water resistant - and inexpensive! It is made from reeds that grow in saltwater marshes in various parts of the world, including Asia and Europe. Seagrass rugs are an exception among natural fiber rugs - it repels water!

Jute Rugs
Jute more delicate than sisal and is also used to make burlap sacks. It is made from plants of the genus corchorus It grows in warm, moist places and is resistant to mold. Jute rugs will however, fades easily if left in direct sunlight.

Hemp Rugs
Hemp is very strong and durable and will soften up with use - even getting as soft as cotton over time.

Coir Rugs
Coir fiber is made from coconuts - from the fibrous husk. It is very tough and rot resistant.

Sisal and twine rugs are made from grasses and rushes and are not well suited for areas that get really wet. They will also stain easily. Some places will add a protective coating, such as si-seal, to the rugs too. This won't keep them from getting stained, but will buy you a little time to get it cleaned up. Rugs made from natural fibers can be cleaned well with a vacuum cleaner. And if taken care of properly can last for 5-15 years.

There are many web sites selling natural fiber rugs that you can order from, based on the square foot and dimensions you need. Many times they are also available in circles and other shapes, in addition to squares and rectangles. Different types of edge binding are also usually available, including wide canvas, extra wide cotton, micro fiber and serging.

Many different colors, usually natural shades, of rugs made from natural fibers are also available such as blue, green, maroon, and black, indigo, lavendar, and wine. Although some types of rugs tend to only be sold in its natural color.

Some online stores where natural fiber rugs can be bought include Coastal Style and Rugs Direct.


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