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Oriental Rugs

An oriental rug isn't just a rug - it's a work of art! Art with a long tradition, heritage and cultural significance.

Let's start with the meaning of an oriental rug. There is a lot of misunderstanding here. Many people tend to think any type of carpet with a pattern or from the east is an oriental rug. A genuine oriental rug is one that is hand-knotted and following one of the historical weaving traditions of the Far East or Middle East. Real ones are not made from nylon or polypropylene either.

A quality rug will have more knots per square inch (this is its density). A really nice one will have 500 to 1000 knots per inch.

Oriental rugs can be divided into different groups based on the region the style and technique used in the rug design. The main groups are:

  1. Caucasian
  2. Persian
  3. Turkish

Caucasian oriental rugs are those in style of the caucasus mountains. Very few rugs come from the region today, most that are around were made no later than the second part of the 19th century. These rugs tend to be made with bright geometric designs in primary colors. The well known types of caucasus rugs are Gendje, Karabagh, Kazak, Baku, Daghestan, Shirvan, and Talish.

Persian rugs have a curvilinear style. The main areas they come from are Northwest Persia, Central Persia, Southern Persia, Western Persia, Southwestern Persia, and Eastern Persia.

Turkey was once known as Anatolia and rugs from the region are sometimes called Anatolian rugs. These rugs are divided into three different areas: western, central and eastern.

How to care for your oriental rug
A good quality rug should last many years, even long enough to pass on to the nexy generation. It will wear faster if it gets more foot traffic, like right inside the front door of the house. And if people walk on it wearing dirty, heavy shoes, etc. Traditionally, in the cultures that developed oriental rugs, people took their shoes off before walking on their rugs. Your rug can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, or beaten, if necessary.

To learn more about oriental rugs, I suggest visiting either of these two sites: JACOBSEN Oriental Rugs or Islamic Art's Oriental Rugs page.


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