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Money and Investing Ideas for Women!

The following are various articles about money and investing. In the past many women have not been as involved with investing as much as most men. This can result in many problems for women. The purpose of this section is to provide articles to help educate women about investing and other money matters so that we will not become financially dependent upon the men in our lives to do this stuff for us.

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Life Insurance

Women and Life Insurance - a short introduction

Health Insurance

A Health Insurance Guide for women! It is very important for everyone, especially women to have health insurance - learn all about it here! So far learn about: group health insurance,
COBRA health insurance,
temporary or short term health insurance

Disability Insurance

Three articles about disability insurance:
Part 1: Disability Insurance - What is it and Why in the World Should Any Woman Care?
Part 2: Disability Insurance Glossary
Part 3: How and Where to Buy Disability Insurance


Ready to retire soon? Or hoping to someday? The following are articles about various retirement issues for any women who plans to retire someday!

Who, What, Why, Where, When and How of Retirement!

Smart retirement ideas for women of all ages!

General Guide for Social Security benefits

More Finance Articles for Women:

Beating the High Cost of Prescription Medications

Marital Wellness: A View from the Ledger

Finance Tips for Women

Avoiding Tax Scams

Fighting Identity Theft

8 Benefits of Paying Bills on Time

Nine Ways to Stretch Your Income - These days, many of us are finding ourselves having to stretch the ends until they meet. Here are nine tips.

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