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Ideas for books that offer interactive features and engage other senses

For younger children or any child that is more easily bored try getting some books with interactive features and features that engage their sense of touch or smell. The following are some of the ones I've been able to find so far.

1) Shiny images, ok shiny images aren't interactive and don't use other senses but for some kids shiny things can really hold their attention longer than plain paper images.

2) Books with textures. Younger children really like books with textures such as fur on pictures of animals. Or bumpy plastic on a reptile. Farm or zoo animal books are great for this.

3) Scratch and Sniff - for kids old enough, scratch and sniff books are great!

4) Lift the Flap Books - Lift the flap books are wonderful for kids that won't tear the flap off. Try to find board books with flaps first - then once they have learned not to tear them off you can try books with thinner flaps.

5) Sliding doors/windows - Some books have little sliding doors on them that can be moved and reveal some other picture or word. I've found some that are kind of difficult for younger children to push open, but overall they are great for developing manual dexterity and catching their attention.

6) Turning wheels - I don't know what these are officially called but I have found books with a round wheel like part that can be turned revealing different images or simulating motion. Also great for manual dexterity.

7) Pull tabs - some books have tabs that can be pulled in or out or back and forth and result in an animal's tail wagging or something along those lines. The sturdier and heavier the paper, the better for kids who are younger or rougher with things.

8) Pop-up books - I've always loved pop-up books, young kids may tear them up if not supervised when reading them though. Cheap pop-up books can sometimes be found at places like Target for only $1 - good way to test how your child will do with one before buying a more elaborate, expensive one.

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