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Room Rugs - bathroom, kitchen, nursery, fireplace and more!

Decorating your house with the right rug for the right room is important. There are many different types of rugs to choose from. Some rooms require special rugs - this articles is about those kind of rugs.

Fireplace Rugs
Also known as hearth rugs - one of these is essential for any home with a fireplace! Fireplaces can result in fire hazards such as sparks flying out of it and onto your carpet causing a fire, or ruining your carpet. Also burning logs can roll out and cause even worse problems. A fireplace can also be messy and leave cinders or ashes on your carpet. A great way to protect your carpet and be safe is to buy a fireplace rug to place in front of it. Fireplace rugs are fire-resistant - they will only burn at really high temperatures and make having a fireplace more safe for you and your family.

Fireplace rugs come in many different colors, shapes, sizes and styles - something for anyones decorating needs!

You can also treat the surrounding carpet with a flame retardent spray to be even safer.

Round Area Rugs
Round area rugs can give a room an elegant air like nothing else can. They can also make a room seem larger, or warm and cozy, depending upon the room and the rug. They are an excellent choice for your decorating needs. Area rugs can be make with any type of style or color or fiber. Even natural fibers such as sisal or jute. One important consideration when choosing an area rug is if will be in a place where it might get wet, if so a natural fiber rug may not be a good idea.

Outdoor Rugs
Outdoor rugs are great if you spend a lot of time outside with family or guests. The important consideration when purchasing an outdoor rug, is will it be ok in different weather extremes. Rain, snow, ice and intense sunlight can be a problem with some types of rugs. Natural fiber rugs such as sisal, jute or seagrass would not be a good idea for an outside rug. Porches or other overhead covering can protect a rug to a certain extent, but not enough.

Ideally a rug that looks nice, but can still withstand the weather and be easy to clean is what you want. Being able to clean it just by hosing it off would be the best thing. If you do really prefer natural fiber rugs, there are some that are made to look like them too. Such as sisal look alikes even!

Kitchen Rugs Kitchen rugs are necessary for any modern kitchen. Many,many colors and design styles are available. Just be certain to pick one that can get wet without getting ruined. Also, try to get one that can be cleaned easily. If you have lots of people going in and out of your kitchen, especially if you have an outside door in your kitchen, being able to clean your kitchen rug is important. Or buy a cheap one that can be replaced periodically when it gets covered in mud or dirt.

Bathroom Rugs
Like kitchen rugs it is important to get one that won't get ruined if it gets wet. Make sure it is one that can be washed. Bathroom rugs can tend to get mildewy also, if you don't keep an eye on it and keep it as clean and dry as possible. Bathroom rugs can also be considered a safety item in your house - if the floor gets wet, they can help keep people from slipping. Many colors are available to go with any bathroom decorations.

Nursery Rugs
Nursery rugs can also be considered a safety feature of sorts. If you have a small child in your house it much better for them to fall on a soft rug than a hard floor. Most all kids will eventually spill or otherwise stain a carpet in some way or another - a nursery rug will work great to cover that up!


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