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Other Wildlife at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

In addition to all the fish we saw while snorkeling, there were lots of other wildlife around Bolongo Bay too.

In particular there were lots of iguanas. If you walk past the far side of Iggies and down towards the back there is a tree where a whole group of iguanas live. If you go down there in the morning - not too early, or they won't be moving around yet - but once the sun starts hitting that tree they all come out to warm themselves up.


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(You can click on the pictures to see them bigger and somewhat more clearly)

One day I counted 15 that I could see but I think there are more like a couple dozen that live there. Click on this picture to make it bigger and see how many iguana you can see:

Here's a video of the iguanas in the tree:

This one we saw up at Iggies our first full day staying there:

At Coral World you can see lots of iguanas too!

In the morning around 7 or so I saw lots of sand crabs right along the beach. If you walk too fast they will just run and hide in their holes in the sand. But if you go slowly and look carefully you will see a few running around. One time I saw a couple get in a fight when one went into another ones hole and it chased him out! This little guy stood still for a while so I could get his picture:

Here's a video of the two crabs fighting:

There were some other type of crabs on the rocks by the dock. I couldn't get very close to them:

We also found a hermit crab walking around the walkway close to the Lobster Grille one day.

Close to the dock we saw a fish that liked to pretend to be a dead leaf so it could hunt the tiny fish that were swimming near by:

I was a bit disappointed that I didn't see many butterflies around. I saw some whites and possibly some monarchs (couldn't get real close to them to identify them). I had hoped to see more species. If they would plant little butterfly gardens around the property I'm sure they could attract more.

I did see one host plant back near the exit of the resort. It is a host plant for some species of sulfurs. So if you see any caterpillars on that plant - don't kill them! They are baby butterflies!

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