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The spectacular ocean views at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

The view from our ocean view room was wonderful! I miss it so much now! What more could you want with a great view of the ocean right from your room? First thing each morning you can look out the window or stand out on the balcony and see all of Bolongo Bay.

I also miss hearing the sound of the ocean throughout the night and the cool ocean breeze blowing the room.


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(You can click on the pictures to see them bigger and somewhat more clearly)

The Spectacular View

I could describe the view in more detail, but I think that pictures do a much better job! The following are some of the pictures I took from the room. This first one I took on the first morning we stayed at Bolongo Bay and is the view as seen through our room window:

Later I went out on the balcony and took some pictures of the ocean from that perspective:

This is from the balcony and looking towards the left (kind of like the above picture):

This is looking straight out:

This is looking to the right:

These were taken looking straight down from the balcony - where you can see the beach (the pictures were taken at different times):

The view looking out from the main door to our room was nice too:

(Looking to the left of the telephone pole I could often see an iguana sitting in a tree, I could see it better with binoculars though.)

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