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Guest Rooms at the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

I was very pleased with the room we had at Bolongo Bay. It was clean and roomy. Unfortunately my pictures didn't turn out great, they are a little blurry and we had already created a bit of a mess in the room by the time I took them.


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(You can click on the pictures to see them bigger and somewhat more clearly)

This is the bed that was in the room (with my husbands backpack on it). In the background on the right you can see the table and one of the chairs that were in the room:

This I believe rolled out to make another bed, we didn't try and I used it to keep all my stuff on (I'm a slob):

Here is a view of the TV and dresser (with our junk on it):

View of night stand between the beds:

Here is the kitchenette area with a microwave - which was so clean it looked like it had never been used before - a small refrigerator, coffee maker and a sink. There were some plates, cups and silverware in the room also. The food we bought ourselves:

The closet was nice sized and had a safe in it. You can also see the front door and how it has a screen and wooden shutters which could be opened at night to get a cool breeze flowing through the room:

The bathroom was spacious and we had plenty of towels. (Please ignore all our junk on the counter!)

I like this picture a lot because it reminds me of how nice and relaxing it was to have the cool ocean breeze gently wafting through the room at night. You can see how the door to the balcony and the window on the left above the air conditioner (which we didn't need) both have screens and wooden shutters. You could also hear the ocean waves all through the night in the room!

I hate this picture of me, but in it you can see the table and one of the chairs that were out on the balcony. I had read that you couldn't pick up their wireless internet in the rooms - but I was able to pick it up on the balcony. I brought my cool little Acer Aspire One netbook with me which was really convenient to have and easy to carry around.

One last picture - this is our room from outside the building, from the beach. Ours is the one on the upper right:

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