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Bolongo Bay Resort and Staff

The resort itself was very nice too. Unfortunately most of the pictures I took, were taken after dark so again, they are blurry. I think you can still see them well enough to help you get an idea of what the place was like.

In general, it was a very casual, relaxed atmosphere. Not too big or crowded. It is a family owned business which I think helps to keep it that way.

They had a nice gift shop too with lots of souvenirs you could buy and well as personal items you may have forgotten and some snacks. I only briefly went into the conference room and looked around. It wasn't real big, but had board games, lots of brochures for places on the island and I think a computer and printer to use.


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There were 2 restaurants at the resort - Iggies and the Lobster Grille. My favorite foods at each was the stuffed lobster from the Lobster Grille and the barbarque pork sandwich at Iggies. One night at Iggies they had a caribbean buffet that was pretty good too. In general, food at the Virgin Islands was kind of expensive and I wish the restaurants would have had some more healthy entrees to choose from.
(You can click on the pictures to see them bigger and somewhat more clearly)

Here is a sign by the main entrance to the lobby:

This was by the entrance to the lobby, with the podium and a couple people who worked there:

They had a big sign up there with all the taxi rates to go to various places on the island. They were always taxis there waiting if you wanted to go somewhere:

The main lobby area had some nice furniture to sit on and a phone:

Here is the main desk - which was right behind me when taking the lobby picture above:

This is a sign as you are walking towards the Lobster Grille restaurant:

Another view of the restaurant and the outside area near the conference room where you could get wireless access:

If you walked further down the beach, the other restaurant - Iggies - was in that direction. There was also a dive shop nearby. You could get snorkeling equipment to use there too. I belive it was free if you were staying there. We brought our own snorkel and swim mask, but used their flippers/swim fins. I wish we would have had time to go on their snorkel tour:

One day I swam out in the water (I had an underwater housing for our camera that we used when snorkeling) and took a picture of the other side of the resort that shows the beach also. You can see some of the water equipment available in this picture too:

The staff were very friendly and nice. Unfortunately I am very bad with names and don't remember the names of most of the people we talked to.

But - I can tell you this: my husband was obsessed with the smell of some plant growing around there and kept talking to them about it - and they were very patient with him. If you go there you can tell them the wife of the guy who kept talking about how one of the plants growing around there smelled musky or skunk-like told you about the place. I'm sure they will remember us!

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