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Who, What, Why, Where, When and How of Retirement!


You! You want to retire someday, right! Who doesn't? Ok, maybe there are some people who have really great jobs that they would do even if they didn't need the money. But that isn't most of us. Even if we don't totally hate our jobs, they aren't exactly lots of fun either. Most of us - say if we won the lottery or something - would quit our jobs immediately! But since most of us won't win the lottery or end up with really great jobs, we need to think about retirement.


What? What is retirement anyway? It is not getting up everyday and going into a job you hate. It's not wasting time driving in traffic. Putting up with bosses and co-workers that drive you nuts! Its sleeping as late as you want and doing all the things with your life that wanted to when you were younger but didn't have the time. That could be spending time with family, or hobbies, reading, traveling - whatever you want!


Why? I think that was summed up well in the last paragraph. But it's worth repeating anyway! Because no one likes to go to a job everyday that they hate, sitting in traffic and putting up with bosses and co-workers that drive you crazy.


Where? Where you go when you retire is up to you! Personally, I'd be happy to just stay at home. But many like to travel or move someplace where it is warm. It's your decision!


When? When depends on how old you are. And how much money you can save and how long it will take you to save enough. When can also mean when should you start saving to retire. That is much easier to answer: NOW! Regardless of how old you are at this moment, its not too early or late to start to save for retirement. If fact, the sooner you start the better!


How is a little more tricky! But you expected that didn't you? To get you started, see my article 'Retirement Ideas for You!'. Also see the articles about Social Security, 401k's and IRA's.

So now you know the 'Who, What, Why, Where, When and How of Retirement' - there's no more excuses! Get started today with planning for your future!

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