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Health Insurance Guide for Women

It is very important for everyone to be covered under some type of health or medical insurance plan. This is especially true for women, who are often un- or under-insured. In general, women tend to be paid less and may not be able to get health insurance through an employer. Plus, many women have children who they are raising by themselves who need to be insured also.

If you or your spouse are covered with a group health insurance plan from an employer, you are in luck, but - you still may have some decisions to make if more than one plan is offered. And if you leave your job - don't forget about COBRA health insurance! If COBRA isn't available a temporary or short term health insurance plan may be what you are looking for.

Other typs of health insurance you may be interested in include:
Parents who have kids in college may be interested in learning about student health insurance. If you travel a lot out of the country you may need travel health insurance. If you are retired you really need to get some supplemental insurance to go along with your medicare benefits.

Additional types of insurance include pet - cat or dog - health insurance. Self-employment health insurance, and child health insurance.

Some well known health insurance companies include Aetna, Fortis, Cigna, United, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AARP, Guardian, and Humana.

Before purchasing any health insurance be sure to compare the plans and ask for quotes. Make sure you buy something that covers all your needs - you can't afford to go without health insurance1

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