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Losing weight should be a long-lasting change that doesn't damage our bodies. In the following article Dan Chase reviews 5 different online weight loss programs.


The Top Five Online Weight-Loss Programs

The Top Five Online Weight-Loss Programs
by Dan Chase,

I have rated and reviewed hundreds of self-help tools, cataloguing the most effective resources at

Here are my favorites for fast, effective weight loss. Note that none of the programs listed below rely on diuretics or chemicals to help you lose weight. The focus is on health and fitness, so you can achieve long-lasting changes without damaging your body.

1. Nobody seems to do it better than Weight Watchers. With their new Flexpoints plan, it's easier to tailor your diet for special occasions or those times when your choices are limited. I recently lost 25 pounds in just six weeks with (I didn't attend even one meeting, but I did faithfully track my points online.)

Weight Watchers' forte continues to be the plain and simple "reality check" their points plans offer in terms of portion sizes.

Who's it for? Anyone who's ready for a change, particularly those of us who dislike counting calories.

2. Ediets "How many years is your diet stealing from your life?" Take eDiet's "Diet Quiz" to find out.

This site is sleek and well-designed, with every tool and calculator you could want.

Plus, its sheer popularity ensures that you will find someone in the support community who shares your unique personal goals and challenges.

Who's it for? People who are computer savvy and who thrive in a group setting.

3. Think Right Now! Success Conditioning Programs

The focus is on health
and fitness, so you can
achieve long-lasting changes
without damaging your body.

If your willpower and persistence always seem to fizzle, Think Right Now! audio programs were created for you.

This is the #1 most visited personal development web site in the world offering proprietary programs. Each program works by installing up to 22 core mental patterns (unconscious thoughts, beliefs and attitudes) of the people who already think, feel and perform exactly how you want to concerning that specific situation.

There are no subliminal messages on these audio programs. You hear every statement on it. Who's it for? Everyone.

4. Living Lean

This weight loss program is the result of more than 20 years of research and testing. The results are delivered in a a dynamic multimedia format (which is accessible even if you have only a 28.8 connection.)

You won't find packaged foods, pills, diets, or gimmicks. Just a strong money-back guarantee and a high permanent success rate.

Who's it for? Anyone with a little weight to lose. Try the free demo first to see if this learning style suits you.

5. A Physician's Guide to Weight Loss

The premise here is that most diets limit your calories too much, which slows your body's natural fat-burners.

This program teaches you how to adjust your food patterns to achieve a peak metabolic rate.

You'll get the same 6-week program Dr. Joy Siegrest, MD, uses with her overweight patients. Dr. Siegrest boasts a 13-year 96% success rate. Her program is available for immediate download.

Who's it for? Visit her website to see if her patient profile sounds familiar.

Several of these sites are currently offering free offers and incentives, so have fun exploring.

Here's to the new you you'll discover in the New Year!

Copyright 2004, Dan Chase

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