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Dumping Weight Loss

(by Susan James)

When/If we tell others we are wanting to lose weight, then usually along the way, they will ask us; *So, are you losing weight.?* And in that moment, where does our mind go?

We need to re-train our buddies and friends a bit, as well as ourselves. It'll make it easier on everyone!

The question need not be: *Are you losing weight?* The better question for us all needs to be: *Are you practicing losing weight?*

When we are not yet our intended body image, then we need to build a bridge to it. We don't at this moment in time, *know* that we can have our intended body. We have to build an energy bridge to that knowing. And like any physical bridge that is built from one side to another, so that we can get from here to there, it takes days of practicing some type of blueprint to help us. And we do need help. One that fits for *us*.

We have to practice losing weight, if we want to lose weight. It's plain and simple. It takes practice. And what is practice? It is purposely sending light beams in a directed manner to something we desire to have happen in our lives.

There are many, many ways we can practice. We have to find ways that feel good for us to practice or we won't do it. My way and your way, may be completely different. But if we both are practicing, then we both will get what we want!

As I've written many times, it's not the food plan that we follow to get the bodies we want, it's the fact that we have made it important enough to practice in some way everyday.

This is an example of what happens, if we don't practice: We decide to make a batch of cookies. We go to the store to get all of the ingredients. We pull out all of the ingredients and set them on our counter. We pre-heat the oven. We throw all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and begin blending the cookie batter. We then remove the mixing bowl and walk back over to the counter to begin putting the cookie batter on the cookie sheet......but NO... What do we do instead?

We dump the cookie batter down the garbage disposal! And THEN we still wonder and complain that we don't have our cookies!

That's exactly what we are doing when we *say* with our powerful spoken words of light beam energy that we want to lose weight but we don't practice!

It takes practice to lose weight. Losing weight is not any different from any other thing that we choose that we want but we do not yet have. We have to apply some type of organized patterns for it to show up.

So......Are you gonna practice losing weight or are you gonna dump it once again down the garbage disposal of your life?

Susan James (Copyright 2004)

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Author/Consultant Susan James writes of User Friendly Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our lives. From Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods. For information on award winning books and courses along with free e-media please visit: as well as both divisions of Vast Five Productions.
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