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Are you dreading putting away those heavy winter jackets and boots? Does facing the heat by slipping into a more soothing and comfortable slinky swimsuit scare the heck out of you? Well it is time to pull yourself away from the comfortable fireplace and comfort foods that have been with you throughout the winter.

Don't dread the beach or those short shorts that you would love to wear. It is time to get that 6 pack to match those gorgeous glutes you will have.

You can have a better butt and slimmer waist in time for the beautiful weather. Linda Fredette's hottest but firming, and tummy-toning routine will give you the toned tush, and flat tummy you've been looking for. Linda Fredette is the (Canadian Natural Pro Bodybuilder with the WNSO).

Cardio alone cannot shape and form your body. It is a very important part of your training regime to burn fat but if you start out a large pair and only do cardio you will still be a pair but you will be a smaller pair. You need to sculpt your buns and abs to be bikini worthy.

The most important rule to having the perfect posterior and mouth watering mid-section is proper stance - proper posture and the right resistance. You need to literally work that butt off! So in order to shape and sculpt you need to fatigue your muscles. Feeling a slight burn is a good thing but if you go until you cannot move anymore, you probably went too far.

This is called progressive overload. When the body is pushed beyond its normal demands it will adapt to those demands by becoming stronger and building more muscle fibers hence a rounder rump.

Do 2-3 sets and keep your reps between the 12 to 20 range. When you find it becomes easy don't do more reps, increase the weights. This will accomplish both toning and fat burning. Training every second day will allow your body to rest and recover so that you don't over train or get injured.

Remember, Nutrition is always an important key to maintaining weight and/or losing weight. Small meals every two to three hours is key. KEEP YOUR CARBS AT BAY AFTER 2PM BECAUSE IT WILL ONLY SLOW YOU AND YOUR METABOLISM DOWN not allowing your body to be an ultimate fat burning machine.

Hang on to your seat: ultimate butt-toning workout about to commence.

First up is squats - perform 12 to 20 reps. Then move directly to 12 to 20 reps of the standing kickback - Rest one minute repeat two more times.

Next exercise - perform 12 to 20 reps Plie squats. Then move directly to 12 to 20 reps of STEP UPS - Rest one minutes repeat two more times.

Last but not least – perform 12 to 20 reps DEADLIFTS. Then move directly to 12 to 20 reps of Lunges


Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, holding dumbbells or jugs of water at your sides. Your head held straight while maintaining the natural arch in your back, knees should be slightly bent. Inhale stick out your butt as you bend at the knees and hips moving downward to a sitting position. , Or as low as you can comfortably without pain in your lower back or knees. Never let your knees go past your toes. Exhale, slowly rising to a standing position..


Hold the back of a chair or bench to keep your balance. Feet should be underneath your hips, rotate the foot from your hip joint to the right. In a slow and controlled manner lift the right let behind you – keeping the knee soft but not bent. The movement is a slight lift and ankle weights can be worn for higher intensity. Repeat with other leg.

Plie Squats Stand - feet shoulder-width apart, point your toes slightly outward. Hold a dumbbell between your legs and make sure your abdominals are contracted and shoulders down and back.

First stick your butt out and start to move downward simulating sitting in a chair. Continue to move downwards until your legs are almost parallel to the floor, hold position for 2 seconds. Your back is always straight and you should look straight ahead. At the end of the movement - push up in a smooth controlled manner until the weight is raised to full extension and repeat.

Step ups

Stand in front of your steps - Place your right foot flat on the step and your left foot flat on the floor. Squeeze your right glute and push up on the right leg minimizing the push off by the left foot. Bring the left foot up so that both feet are on the step. Then lower your feet one at a time to the floor. Repeat. Perform all reps with one leg before switching to other leg. For higher intensity you can adjust step height or hold dumbbells.


Stand with your feet underneath your hips and your knees soft. Contract your abdominals and keep your back straight. Shoulders are back and arms are close to the legs. Slowly lean forward from the waist until you feel a good stretch in the hamstrings. Then move back up slowly squeezing your buttocks - keeping your back flat – contracting abdominals and head up throughout entire range of motion.


Holding dumbbells at your sides. Bring one leg forward; making sure that your bent knee does not go past your toes. Progress downwards in a controlled manner until your back knee is close to the ground. Push on your front leg while squeezing your buttocks to help you move back into the starting position. Move on to the next rep without pausing. Perform all reps with one leg before switching to other leg.

Now on to double-timing Abs!

During my military experience we were taught how to effectively work both our cardio and abs as part of a team to be more time efficient.. Since then I have found combining cardio and abdominal exercises gives you the best of both worlds.

Begin with 10 minutes of brisk walking outdoors or on a treadmill. After 10 mins. Drop and do crunches to failure. Restart your brisk walking for another 10mins and then drop and do alternate elbow to knee for oblique to failure.

Repeat each the cardio with crunch and cardio with alternate elbows to knees twice for each. As you become stronger, your cardio can increase in intensity.

For a more rigorous workout do another 20 minutes of cardio afterwards.


This is an excellent exercise to keep the contraction within the abdominal muscles. Lie on a mat on your back, your feet off the floor, make a right angle with your legs, your shoulders should be just off the floor but still back. Inhale and bring your knees inwards to your chest using your abdominal muscles lift your upper body to a 30-degree angle. Always keep your chin off your chest, making sure that your neck is not moving and you are looking to the ceiling. Your goal is to crunch your ribs & your hips together hold for 2 seconds release slightly under control but never losing the contraction in the abdominals.


This exercise is good for working the side oblique and hip flexors. Keep your chin off your chest, your hands by your ears. Your shoulders should be just off the floor, under control take your right shoulder up and across to your left knee. Repeat 20-30 reps and then do the other side. Alternating shoulders and knees are also accepted. Your abdominals should be the muscles lifting your shoulders off the floor and your oblique muscles bringing your shoulders across to the knee. Keep your actions smooth and controlled throughout the movement.. The first step is done now with your positive action you will bring positive results. Take control of your changes be flexible and become the you you have always wanted to be.

Linda Fredette is a professional WNSO Natural Bodybuilder where she earned her pro status by taking the overall title at the FAME 2004 World Championships. Linda will be making her pro debut at FAME 2005

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