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Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Polar is very well known as a maker of heart rate monitors. And they make many different models, some specialized for certain types of exercise. Below are some of their model along with a few features of each.

Polar F1 Series Heart Rate Monitor.

The Polar F1 Heart Rate Monitors are beginner level monitors. They all display your current heart rate in the wrist receiver, show your average heart rate during your exercise time, total amount of time spent exercising and water resistant. Prices range from $50 to around $65.

Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitors

The F4 monitors are supposed to be unisex. These monitors have the same features of the F1 series, but includes a visual and audible alarm to let you know when you are in, below or above your target rate zone. Along with your average heart rate for the exercise period it also displays your maximum heart rate during the workout. Shows estimate of number of calories burned. Also displays time of day and is a stopwatch. Available in both black and blue. Prices are around $80 to $100.

Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitors

The Polar F6 monitors come in black, beige or blue. Has same features as the F1 and F4 with a couple new ones. One, it is made to not pick up interference from nearby heart rate monitors. Also, while you are warming up, it analizes your heart rate and determines a target zone for you. Prices are around $99 to $120.

Polar A3 Series Heart Monitor

This has the same features as those above with also a backligh, an exercise reminder, and both manual and automatic target zone limits. Price between $70 and $90.

Polar A5 Series Heart Monitor

Similar to the A3 series with added features including the following: a 'Self Walk Test' that allows the user to identify their fitness level. It also predicts your VO2max to help you identify your fitness level and measure your progress. Also measures your body mass index and lets you choose whether you want real time heart rate in beats per minute or the percentage of your maximum heart rate to be displayed. Price is around $90 - $100.

Polar F92ti Heart Rate Monitor

Has same basic features as above monitors. Also allows you to read two different readings at the same time. Comes with titanium case. Designed to be comfortable, to be your watch, and to lead you through your workout. Price is around $250 - $270.

Polar S120 Series Heart Rate Monitor

This heart rate monitor was designed specifically for runners, both on the entry and recreational level desiring advanced features. Special features include average hours of exercise and lap, Max hr and % of max hr, Recovery hr, 3 target zones with alarms (audio and visual), Count up/down timer (manual and resetable), 3 independent timers, 60 lap splits that display exercise time, lap time, hr, avg. hr, large HR display. Price range is $100 to $120.

Polar S150 Series Heart Rate Monitor

This monitor was design for recreational cyclists and has a solid combination of basic cycling functions as well as heart rate data. Cycling features include cycling speed, average and max speed, distance and riding time and a handlebar bike mount. Heart rate includes 3 programmable heart rate zones, time in target zone, time of day, countdown timer, stopwatch, alarm, and water resistance. Price range is $120 to $140.

Polar S520 Series Heart Rate Monitor

This monitor was designed for cyclists, crosstrainers and triathletes. Heart data includes indicators for when you are above, below, or within your target zone, displays time exercised, time in zone, average heart rate, calories burned, total calories burned, and total exercise time, average and maximum heart rate for workout, recovery heart rate. General features include time of day, stopwatch and illuminated display. Cycling features are trip, ave. and max speed, distance based interval, distance based recovery measurement, wheel size settings for two bicycles, bike mount, speed sensor (wireless), cadence sensor opt. and power output sensor. Also with the appropriate software you can download your heart rate and cycling data, maintain a training log and share your data through email. Price range is between $240 and $280.

Polar S720i Heart Rate Monitor

The S720i is the ultimate heart rate monitor for cyclists. Has all the standard heart monitoring features as the above models. Also includes lightweight steel case, 'Exercise Set' to allow you to program the parameters of five key workouts (TZs, Timers, Recovery). Cycling features include altitude and temperature, Polar Performance software to examine your workouts every 5, 15, or 60 seconds, a pause feature so you can walk away from your bike for up to 30 minutes, without losing the current exercise storage file. Price is around $290 - $320.

Polar S-810i Series Heart Rate Monitor

This monitor is greate for research facilities or advanced coaching programs. Has recovery heart rate, time of day, stopwatch, alarm, date and the R-R Variability lets you to test your stress levels and detect overtraining. OwnIndex measures your VO2 max, OwnCal tracks your nutrition expenditure and OwnCode is a personal transmission feature. Stores 99 files and showcases Exercise Set so you can program the parameters of five key workouts (TZs, Timers, Recovery). Price is $380 - $400.

Polar M32 Heart Rate Monitor w/Wearlink

The M32 was made for serious exercisers who want to lost weight or get more fit. Features include a dual line display, a target zone indicator, time exercised, time in zone, average heart rate, total calories burned, total exercise time, out-of-zone alarm, exercise reminder, recovery heart rate, time, date, stopwatch, backlight and water resistance. Price range is $110 to $150.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Bra

This is a bra with a built in heart rate monitor transmitter. It is 88% polyester, 12% Lycra spandex.

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