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Strapless Heart Rate Monitors

Strapless heart rate monitors are ones that you don't wear a strap around your chest with. Ones with a strap measure your heart rate by send a signal to a receiver about your heart rate, that receiver then displays the information back to you.

Not having a strap around your chest could be very convenient, and some people may not be able to wear one anyway. The stapless ones use a different technology than the ones with straps. They usually work by sending a beam of infrared light through your skin and to your blood vessels to make an estimate of the amount of blood flowing, and use that to calculate your heart rate.

Some of these are unfortunately not as accurate as the chest strap ones. But many newer model of strapless heart rate monitors seem to be getting better!

There are also some monitors for women, that have the strap built into a bra. Some people may consider these to be strapless also, so they should be mentioned here also. Basically they are a bra with the strap built in. I can see how these could be very convenient for some women, and should be considered for those interested.

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