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Ekho Heart Rate Monitors

Ekho makes some very nice heart rate monitors. Most of them feature the amount of calories in a workout on even the less expensive models. The following is a short summary of a few of the Ekho heart rate monitors.

Ekho Calorie Counting E-10 Heart Rate Monitor

This monitor has a large dual display, is water resistant, has a continuous heart rate reading, time, lightweight, a stopwatch, alarm, date. Both transmitter and receiver are fully water proof. A bike mount is included. Receiver has a one button operation. User replaceable batteries. Records time in target zone. Counts calories. Chest strap is ergonomically designed.

Ekho Calorie Counting E-20 Heart Rate Monitor

Has same features asa E-10 model but also calculates the current and average heart rate, target Zone programming, audible and visual alarm for high/low TZ, out-of-zone visual display, calorie counter, lightweight and comfortable transmitter can be worn all day, includes backlight watch face for night viewing, stopwatch, time, interfaces with interactive heart rate exercise equipment.

Ekho E-300 Monitor

This one has 5 programmable heart rate zones, records time in target zone, time of day, countdown timer, stopwatch alarm, date, water resistance. Can select exercise mode along with weight, age and gender make calorie measuring very accurate.

Ekho E-351 Monitor

Calorie-counting heart rate monitor that provides continuous accurate heart rate readings. Has six exercise modes, a 60 lap counter, stopwatch, Average/maximum heart rate, calendar, time, date.

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