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Top Heart Rate Monitors

Some of the top heart rate monitors include brands such as Polar, which seems to be the industry leader. Other well known brands include Reebok, Ekho, Timex and Mio.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors

The Polar heart rate monitors that seem to be the most popular are the F1 and A5 series. The F1 series were designed for beginners and are a great first monitor. The F1 series will continuously display your heart rate. And if you move your wrist up to the chest strap with it will then display the number of minutes you have been exercising so far, for a few seconds, then go back to the heart rate. Price range is between $45 and $65.

The A5 series has all the features of the F1, but with some added ones such as a calorie burning estimate and a target zone calculator. Price range is $85 to $100.

Polar also sells a bra with a built in heart rate transmitter. Many women like these.

Reebok Heart Rate Monitor

Reebok sells some strapless monitors for around $80. They also sell some that are full functioning watches.

Ekho Heart Rate Monitors

Ekho sells monitors that calculate burned calories on their lower range models also.

Timex Heart Rate Monitors

Timex sells some higher end models with a lot more functions.

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