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Reviews of Heart Rate Monitors

The following are some summaries of the features of some popular brands of heart rate monitors.

Polar sells several different series of monitors. Their F1, F4 and F6 are basic, beginner level monitors. They work great however, and may be all your need. Their A3 and A5 series have few more features. Their S120, S150, S520, S720i monitors are made especially for cyclists. They have all the basic heart rate features, but quite a few other things just specificall for bicyclists. The more expensive of these have more features than the others.

Ekho sells several with calorie counting functions. Their E-10 and E-20 monitors are beginner and intermediate level ones. While their E-350 and E-351 models are for more serious exercisers.

Timex, Reebok and other companies also make good quality monitors. Reviews of more heart rate monitors will be added to this page over time.

Here are a couple other articles about heart rate monitors on this site:

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