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Crossword Puzzle of Women's Rights

2. Elizabeth Cady Stanton's father told her he wished she was a what?
3. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were good ___________.
4. Lucretia Mott wouldn't use sugar or cotton because it was made by who?
6. Betty Friedan was fired from a job because she was going to have another ____.
7. Elizabeth Cady Stanton's best speech was called the Solitude of __________.
10. People who didn't like slavery and wanted it stopped were called a what?
13. What word did Elizabeth Cady Stanton have left out of her marriage vows?
14. The first Women's Rights Convention was at ________ Falls New York.
15. Susan B. Anthony was arrested for __________.
1. Most of the women who organized the Seneca Falls Convention were what?
2. Margaret Sanger wanted women to have control over their own _______.
3. Lucretia Mott was related to Benjamin __________.
5. Susan B. Anthony was mostly interested in ____________.
8. In 1920 women were able to ____ for the first time.
9. At one time women couldn't go to what?
11. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote the Declaration of ___________.
12. Susan B. Anthony's picture is on a one dollar ________.


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