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Learning Activities for Women's Rights

('Match the Quotes', 'Multiple Choice', 'Unscramble the Words' and 'Questions to think about')

Match the Quotes

Draw a line from the name in the left column to the quote in the right that each women made:

Lucretia Mott

A) ''No matter how much women prefer to lean, to be protected and supported, nor how much men desire to have them do so, they must make the voyage of life alone, and for safety in an emergency they must know something of the laws of navigation.''

Margaret Sanger

B) ''... that the right which woman needed above every other, the one indeed which would secure to her all the others, was the right of suffrage.''

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

C) ''No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her own body.''

Susan B. Anthony

D) ''I have no idea of submitting tamely to injustice inflicted either on me or on the slave. I will oppose it with all the moral powers with which I am endowed. I am no advocate of passivity.''

Betty Friedan

E) ''The problem that has no name - which is simply the fact that American women are kept from growing to their full human capacities - is taking a far greater toll on the physical and mental health of our country than any known disease.''

(hints: Lucretia Mott wouldn't eat sugar from slaves; Margaret Sanger wanted to make sure women had control over their bodies; Elizabeth Cady Stanton doesn't want women to lean on men; Susan B. Anthony believed that being able to vote was the most important thing; Betty Friedan wanted women to be all they could be.)

Multiple Choice:

1)Whose picture was on the one dollar coin? (before Sacajawea)
   a)Betty Friedan
   b)Susan B. Anthony
   c)Lucretia Mott

2)The first Women's Rights Convention was at:
   a)Disney World
   c)Seneca Falls New York

Unscramble the following words:

(hint: All the words appear somewhere on this page!)

1)aetlizEbh yadC Stonnta

2)tcureiaL toMt

3)tyetB dreFian


5)nsuSa B notnAyh

6)eeaSnc lalsF

Questions to think about:

1) How do you think your life might have been different if you had lived in the 1800's? At that time women could not vote or go to college. If they were married they could not own property or even keep money that they earned. Do you think you would be happy or angry? Would you be willing to tell people you should be treated equally even if they laughed at you? Or were mean to you because you wanted to be treated fairly?

2)Many women in the 1800's had too many children and sometimes more than they could feed or take care of. Many women also became very weak and sick after having too many kids. Do you think that having a way to limit the number of kids they had would make their lives better?

3)How would you feel if your parents wished you had been a boy instead? Would it make you sad? Angry? If you are a boy how would you feel if your parents wished you had been a girl?

4)Lucretia Mott refused to use anything made by slaves like sugar or cotton. Would you be willing go without certain things if they were made by people who were being hurt? For example, would you do without new clothes or toys if the people who were making them weren't being paid fairly?

matching: Lucretia Mott D); Margaret Sanger C); Elizabeth Cady Stanton A); Susan B. Anthony B); Betty Friedan E)
multiple choice: 1) b ; 2) c
unscramble the words: 1)Elizabeth Cady Stanton; 2)Lucretia Mott; 3)Betty Friedan; 4)suffrage; 5)Susan B. Anthony; 6)Seneca Falls


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