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101 Ways to Indulge Yourself -
1-10: with Peace and Quiet!

As women we work hard and have a lot of stress in our lives - we deserve a break! The first 10 ways to indulge yourself are with peace and quiet:

1 - Take a Long, Peaceful Walk in a Park or Wooded Area

Take a long, peaceful walk in a park or wooded area - all by yourself, or with a good friend. Try to pick a nice day, one that's not too hot or too cool, and is bright and sunny. Be sure to stop and look at flowers, even the small ones. Listen for birds singing in the trees and through the air. Watch the clouds move across the sky. Take slow, deep breaths and smell the fresh air. If you can take your shoes off and feel the cool grass on your feet.

2 - Read a Good Book

Buy a good book and sit back and read it. Maybe you already even have a book around that you just haven't had the time to read yet. Find a quiet, comfortable spot where you can be alone and read until you have forgotten about all the stress in your life.

3 - Drink Some Herbal Tea

While your reading that book drink something relaxing like a cup of chamomile tea. Many other herbal teas are also caffeine free and can you to relax. If you don't like tea, try warm milk, a glass of wine or warm apple cidar.

4 - Nature Sounds CD's

Listen to nature CD's with sounds of the ocean, thunderstorms, the rain forest, or wildlife. You can listen while reading and drinking your tea. Or close your eyes while listening and try to imagine you are on a vacation and laying on the beach, exploring the Amazon rain forest, or just staying inside on a wet, rainy day. It may even remind you of how relaxed you felt while taking your long, peaceful walk.

5 - Relaxing Music

If you would rather listen to music, try listening to some light jazz, slow blues or classical music while slowly sipping some wine or herbal tea. Maybe take a nice long bubble bath at the same time.

6 - Nature Scene Posters

While listening to your nature sound CD's you may want some help to imagine your are laying on a beautiful, quiet beach. Or walking through a majestic forest. Or quietly watching a sunset.

7 - Waterfalls

If your imagination needs a little more help, try buying one of those little waterfalls for inside your house. You can then listen to the sound of falling water and watch it at the same time.

8 - Wind Chimes

Listening to wind chimes ringing and jingling as a cool breeze blows past them is very relaxing. They're great to read a book by or have a relaxing drink with, but my favorite thing is to have one outside near your bedroom window. Every morning you can wake up with the refreshing sound of ringing wind chimes.

9 - Bird Baths and Feeders

The sound of birds happily chirping and singing is just as relaxing as wind chimes. You can set up bird baths and feeders in your yard to attract all kinds of wild birds. You can even do this if you have an apartment with a balcony. The sound of birds chirping in the morning, along with the wind chimes is one of the most relaxing ways to wake up and start a new day. Wild bird watching is also a relaxing hobby, and many books are available to help you identify the birds living in your area.

10 - Lounge Chair

Get a comfortable lounge chair and sit outside. You can listen to your wind chimes and birds while reading or listening to music, or sipping a relaxing drink. Well, maybe that's too much to do at one time and wouldn't be relaxing at all! Maybe just go outside and take a peaceful nap in your lounge chair.

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