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101 Ways to Indulge Yourself -
11-20: Massage and Manicure!

As women we work hard and have a lot of stress in our lives - we deserve a break! The second 10 ways to indulge yourself are with massage and manicure:

11 - Get a Massage

Try to find someone, a spouse or significant other, to give you a massage! Even a good friend would do. You could even 'exchange massages' - give one to each other. If you can't find anyone to do it for free, find a local spa where you can get a good quality massage.

12 - Buy a Foot Massager for Yourself

Buy yourself one of those foot massagers to invigorate your tired feet! Many come with bubbling water-jets, heaters to warm up the water and soft gel pads contoured for your feet. A great way to relax and help you sleep after a long day of work!

13 - Buy a Back Massager

They make all sort of great massagers - some that can be laid on a chair and vibrates along your entire back. Others you can use wherever you need to - your legs, arms, whatever!

14 - Get a Manicure

Go get a manicure or do it yourself! There are all sorts of home manicure supplies you can buy to give yourself a manicure!

15 - Get a Pedicure

After you get finished with your foot massager, go get a pedicure, or give one to yourself!

16 - Polish Your Nails

There are all types and colors of nail polish - something for everyone tastes, whether it be a bright, bold red color, or a more subtle clear polish!

17 - Go to a Spa for a Day!

Spend a day off at a spa, or make your own at home!

18 - Relax in a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are becoming more commonly found in people's home, and the price is becoming more reasonably! If you can't afford one though, spend a weekend at a nice hotel with a hot tub!

19 - Get a Facial

Go get a facial at a spa or someplace or give one to yourself!

20 - Coming soon!

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