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Inexpensive treadmills for home exercise

In general, treadmills are a pretty expensive piece of exercise equipment, an investment really. Many are over $2000! Those more expensive ones do have lots of fancy features, but some of them are not really necessary. And more importantly not everyone can afford to spend that much. An alternative would be to go to a gym and use theirs, and then not buy one at all. But that is not an option for all people either. Even joining a gym is kind of expensive. Plus, some people may not have the time to go to a gym anyway. Or a baby sitter for their kids so that they can go. For whatever reason many people really need to buy an inexpensive or cheap treadmill.

Unfortunately even the cheapest treadmills still cost quite a bit! Usually still a few hundred dollars. You may be able to find a cheaper one if you are interested in buying a used or refurbished treadmill or a manual treadmill.

Some features likely to be missing from an inexpensive treadmill are power incline, or possibly any incline at all. Heart rate information would probably be missing from these too. And they made not be made so that they can be folded up to move out of the way if you need more room. They are likely to be noisier too, and may not have as much cushioning in them.

Fortunately though, if you can spend a few hundred dollars for a treadmill, there are some pretty decent ones to choose from. Some brands that are cheaper include Proform, Weslo, Image, and some Reebok models.

My suggestion if you are thinking about buying a cheap treadmill is to make a list of which features you really need on one. In most cases you will probably find that a lot of the features on the more expensive ones are things that you really wouldn't use anyway. Or at least wouldn't really need to use. In all likelyhood you will be able to find one that does all you need it too and still fit in your price range. If not, there is always the possibility to wait a while, save as much money as you can and buy the one you want in a few months.

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Legal stuff: The above article is for general information purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care.

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