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Treadmill Mats

If you decide to buy a treadmill, you will also want to consider buying a treadmill mat. Why do you need a treadmill mat?
To absorb the noise and impact created by the treadmill.

This is especially important if you have new carpet, or a nice hardwood floor. Or any type of flooring that you don't want to take a chance of getting dirty or hurt in some manner from the treadmill being directly on it. Also if you think your treadmill is or might make too much noise in your house that might disturb other members of your family.

A treadmill mat can also keep sweat and other dirt off your flooring, absorb the vibrations from it and will help to absorb some of the noise too. They can even help to keep carpet fibers that off of your carpet from getting into the moving parts of your treadmill.

Older treadmills may also have just four small legs that all the weight in distributed on. In this case you definitely want to put something under those legs to protect your flooring.

Of course, they are not just for treadmills either. Other types of exercise equipment may benefit from having a mat placed under them also.

Make sure the mat you get is a good quality mat too, not just one made from lightweight foam, cellular vinyl, or soft PVC. Some mats seem like they are thick enough too, but once some heavy exercise equipment sets on it for a while, it compresses down to almost nothing at all.

Many quality mats even come with a warranty! Even five year warranties in some cases.

One last point about treadmill mats - if you are thinking about buying a treadmill sometime soon, you may want to get the mat ahead of time so you have the mat there and ready to go when you get your treadmill in your house, especially if you have really flooring and you don't want to take any chances of it getting ruined or damaged.

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Legal stuff: The above article is for general information purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care.

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