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Inexpensive Heart Rate Monitors

There are a number of inexpensive heart rate monitors to buy. Although, there is a very wide range of prices. I bought the cheapest Polar one I found, and it was about $45. It works fine for me. It is a basic one and will continuously display my heart rate. This is very convenient while exercising, all I have to do is look down at my wrist to see how I am doing. And all I have to do is move my wrist up to the chest strap with it will then display the number of minutes I have been exercising so far, for a few seconds, then go back to the heart rate.

There are some others that are somewhat cheaper, but they are best to stay away from. These use a beam of infrared light that goes through your skin and measures the amount of blood going through your vessels, instead of a chest strap. These tend to not be as accurate though becuase things like bad circulation or exercising really heavily and throw it off. Maybe someday the technology will be developed better and these will be more accurate. If that ever happens, I will definitely consider buying one of these types.

In general though the cheaper, inexpensive heart rate monitors, do all the basic stuff you need them to. The more expensive ones have many other features, but they really aren't that necessary. Especially if you can't afford one of the more expensive ones!

When looking around to buy one, check the features listed and consider whether you really need them. You will likely save some money just by really seriously thinking about what you would really use and what features you would never use.

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