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Cardiovascular Exercises for Children

More and more children in the US and elsewhere are becoming overweight and generally unhealthy. It would be a healthful thing for more kids to do cardiovascular exercise.

So what are some cardiovascular exercises for children? There are many and are for the most the same exercises that adults do.

But before I get to that list, there is more to add.

In addition to getting children to do cardiovascular exercises, it is just important that they become more active in general. Decreasing the amount of time they sit and watch TV for example would be one way to get them more active. Also, for them to go and play outside would be a good start too.

Some of the exercises kids can do are things like biking, running, walking and jump roping. Even the traditional children's game of hopscotch would be a good way to get them moving around. That is good weight bearing exercise too, to help them build stronger bones.

In summary there are many cardiovascular exercises for children available. Kids might get bored using equipment like treadmills and so on, but most of them like to play outside. So the above mentioned activities would be better for children.

Here are some more ideas:

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