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Our Bloggers:

Lea Grover

 - author of the Change and Courage Blog

Lea Grover has been writing since she was able to put two words together. As an activist, she dedicates much of her energy to raising awareness for victims of sexual and domestic violence. She writes fiction, poetry, and keeps a blog of her exploits as a mother and human being at Becoming SuperMommy. A lifelong student, she currently studies Public Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Read More

Terri Forehand

- author of the Health and Fitness Blog

Terri Forehand is a pediatric/neonatal critical care nurse and freelance writer. She is also the blog editor for Stories for Children Publishing, contributes as a medical fact checker for several online sites, is the author of The Cancer Prayer Book and a soon to be released children's picture book titled The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane ( Inkspotter Publishing). Read More

Rita Hernandez

- author of the Family and Parenting Blog

Rita Hernandez is a happily married do-it-all mom of two beautiful step-children. As the creator of Rita Reviews, she shares with other moms (and some dads) information about the products she uses, the food she cooks, and books she reads, along with a little of the craziness that is her daily life. She feels she has been fortunate enough to work with some amazing companies and become much more aware of the world around her. Read More

Kimberly Johnson

- author of the Career and Growth Blog

Kimberly Johnson is a proud working mother who owns and operates her own public relations and digital marketing business. In addition to writing for other online and print publications, she is the editor of EntrepreMOMs, a blog for entrepreneurial mothers in New Jersey and the surrounding area. Kimberly blogs about being a proud mother, a career woman, and rocking it all out at her personal blog, (Sort of a) Rock Star Mom. Read More

Jennifer L. Lopez

- author of the Money and Finance Blog

Jennifer L. Lopez is the creator, writer, and designer of the online blog Live Simply, Live Thrifty, Live Savvy, a site intended for like-minded individuals that want to live life better. She makes a living as a Freelance Writer and Blogger lending her blogging services to the blog, a website dedicated to saving its customers time and money, as well as, a website focused on financial fitness. Read More

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