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Buy something nice for yourself!

Every so often you need to buy something nice for yourself - there is no reason to wait for a man to buy something for you. If there is something nice you want - just go and buy it!

Earrings are alway a good choice. They are so many different types and styles available, and different price ranges.

Here are some of the more popular types of earrings:

Diamond Earrings - Diamond stud earrings are very popular. They are earrings with just one small diamond on them. The shape of the diamond is usually round or princess cut, which is square. Other shaped diamonds are also sometimes used for diamond stud earrings. Lots of times they are divided in groups based on the type of setting - three pronged, four pronged, or bezel set. Whatever you like best. The metal used for the setting may be gold - either yellow or white and eithere 14k or 18k. Platinum is also used, but is more expensive. Other types of diamond earrings also exist - ones with more diamonds, or sometimes with others stones sometimes too. Of course, when buying a diamond you should always consider the four C's - Carat, Cut, Clarity, Color. The diamond color is rated with letters: 'D' are the most clear, and most expensive, on a scale from 'D' to 'Z'. Diamond clarity has to do with the number of inclusions, diamonds with less inclusions are more valuable. The diamond weight is measured in carats. Larger, heavier diamonds are rare and expensive. Carats are often abbreviated as 'ct.' or even 'TDW'.

Pearl Earrings - Pearls that are shaped round are considered to be of the highest quality, but other shapes are ok too. These include pear-shaped, oblong and baroque shapes. Also, the bigger the pearl, the more expensive it is considered to be. Round pearls are measured in millimeters of the diameter of the pearl. The luster of the pearl is the most important thing when considering the value of a pearl. The highest grade of Luster is AAA, or Very High.

Tahitian Pearl Earrings - I could have put these in with the other pearls, but I happen to like tahitian pearls a lot, so I decided to separate them out. Tahitian pearls are black and are formed in the black-lip oyster. Actually, some of them are really gray, with tints of other colors such as, silver, gold and blue.

Silver Earrings - Silver earrings are less expensive than most others, but still very nice. In many cases stores tend to carry more different designs of silver earrings than the others, most likely because they cost less. This gives you more to choose from. Sterling silver is silver mixed with 7.5% of a metal alloy. All silver used in jewelry is alloyed with something because pure silver is too soft to use.

Platinum Earrings - Platinum is the most expensive metal found in jewelry. It is expensive because it is only found in a few places in the world. Although it is very expensive, it is very beautiful. It is also mostly hypoallergenic, so many people like it.

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