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Why Exercise With a Treadmill?

Treadmills are a great way to get cardiovascular exercise! Especially if you need to exercise indoors or can't walk or run outside because of weather or something. Some people don't like them though because they think they are boring. Or they would rather be outside or doing something that takes more concentration.

I like them though, partly because it doesn't take much concentration. This way I can do other things while exercising. Like listening to music or watching TV. Treadmills can be very helpful for people who live in cities too, where there may not be a lot of nice places to walk, or it is too crowded. Plus, they can also be set to go very slowly, which is good for people who can't walk real fast.

Most of the better treadmills have some sort of cushioning feature to make them easier on people's knees, backs, and ankles too. For these people walking or running outside on concrete or asphalt may cause them more injury.

And not only are treadmills a great way to get cardiovascular exercise, since it is walking or running, it is also a weight bearing exercise that helps to prevent osteoporosis. Engaging in regular weight training exercise too, though is important for this purpose.

Why should you buy a treadmill?

Well, you don't have to. Most gyms have them there for you to use. Personally I like to exercise at home though and don't like gyms, so buying a treadmill is a better option for me. With one at home you can exercise whenever you want - not just when the gym is open - any time of the day or night! Doesn't matter how you look or how you are dressed either while doing it if you are at home. Also, you can do whatever you want while using the treadmill if you are at home. You could listen to music at the gym, but may not be able to watch TV, or at least not watch what you want to watch. There could be lots of noise and other distractions at a gym too.

Women with children may not be able to get away without the kids to get to a gym, and can instead stay at home with them and exercise while they play or watch TV or something.

Just remember that wherever you use a treadmill, make sure that you start slowly with it. Try to walk naturally while on it. Look straight in front of you so you don't lose your balance or orientation while walking on it. Although you could still feel a bit disoriented when first starting to use one - so be careful! Also - make sure you wear good exercise shoes while using a treadmill!

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Legal stuff: The above article is for general information purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care.

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