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The Threshold of Success
(The Butt Chew to Your Dreams Coming True)
- Success, Careers and Goal Reaching

(by Susan James)

We can almost picture it. Someone grabbing on to our raw bottom, our hiney exposed to those sharp teeth. They want a piece of us. And if its not *them*, then it feels like life itself has chosen the teeth of a shark to grab both cheeks. Not sparing a cell of flesh. CHOMP!

And then they look at us, the shark looks at us; *Well? Are you going to NOW stop doing things as you are doing, so that I the shark, can feel better?*

That's the moment for many of us. We see blood, we feel pain. We look to the sky. We look to the ground. We look in our own mind to see if maybe we've lost it.

There's a line. Some of us *know* about this line. We know what it looks like, but better yet, we know what to do when it shows up.

However, there are unsuspecting souls that don't know about this line. Some of them don't make it. Some of them do. The ones that don't know, but make it anyway, make it out of raw courage. Their will to have things their own way, no matter what, pulls them through the butt chews, through the blood, sweat and tears.

This line has a name. It's called the *Threshold of Success.* That line goes down the middle of a huge place in our lives. That place is like a football field. The 50 yard line, is the line that contains the threshold. For some it's a door, for others it's a stone cold wall.

On one side of this line is the *known/familiar* of our lives. On the other side of the line is the *unknown/unfamiliar*. And dang it, guess which side of that 50 yard line has our *dreams come true* stuff in it. Yep, that unknown place.

It's a game. I know better than anyone about this game. Just ask me. But I also know how to win at this game. I have the tools. And I have binoculars that I can see over into that unknown place.

I have had those binoculars to my eyes, as the Shark was giving me a good butt chew.

But I know too much. Bite all you want. The Winner Takes it All!

General Goal Setting will take you to that 50 yard line. General goal setting will show you that it's a wall.

In order for it to be a door instead of a wall, we need either raw courage, which often carries pain along with the deal, or we need to teach ourselves new skills, so that we don't keep banging our heads against that same stone cold wall.

Which do you choose?

`````````````````````````Special Dedication`````````````````````````````````
This Essay is Dedicated to Sarah Mankowski who knows also about That Butt Chew. She kept going, despite the Shark, despite the not knowing. Sarah has also been a huge part of my business expansion. We all will have the pleasure of reading about her writing life and how it developed into the level of success it has in her soon to be released book: *Liberation: One Writer's Adventures and Misadventures on the Digital Playground.* I've had the honor of a sneak peek, and it is more than wonderful. It is both inspiring and filled with some juicy *how-to's*. After reading it, you will have no excuse for not reaching your own desires, writing or otherwise. NO EXCUSE! (sj) ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
Susan James (Copyright 2004)

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Author/Consultant Susan James writes of User Friendly Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our lives. From Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods. For information on award winning books and courses along with free e-media please visit: as well as both divisions of Vast Five Productions.
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